Maggie Gilb

Assistant Director of Operations

A St. Louis native who unexpectedly fell in love with Cincinnati, Maggie began her career with V-Suites in 2011, managing the regional Ohio market. Today, she captains V-Suites operations nationally and works side-by-side with vendors overseeing the set-up of corporate apartments. Maggie’s outstanding multitasking abilities and keen eye for detail make her job effortless when it comes to putting out daily fires and arranging a flawless check-in for guests. Like most V-Suites associates, Maggie’s goal is to work hard on each apartment home so that guests never have to.

What I Bring To The Table

  • Master contract negotiator
  • Work order slayer
  • Can move more furniture than the boys
  • Quickest client response in the Ohio River Valley
  • Smiles through even the toughest of tasks
  • Wrangles 100 clients, three kids, and one husband seven days a week
  • Professional problem-solver
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