A native of Clarkston, Michigan, Lucas White knows exactly what kind of skill and drive it takes to produce first-class hospitality.  A former Customer Experience Specialist at Porsche Cars North America, Lucas joined V-Suites in 2017 and has been passionately fueling the client relationships process ever since.  On the fast track to helping V-Suites provide a red carpet experience to each of our guests, Lucas credits Porsche with teaching him the importance of prestigious and luxury, tailored customer service.  While he thoroughly enjoys the adrenaline of providing a resort-class guest experience, when not at V-Suites, Lucas can often be found cooking a masterpiece meal or enjoying an intense gym workout.

What I Bring To The Table

  • Central Michigan University graduate
  • Natural-born people person
  • Dedicated foodie
  • Living Game of Thrones Encyclopedia
  • Cool kid by day, nerd life by night
The Lannisters send their regards. Roose Bolton