Weighing in at 225 pounds and standing at a towering 6 foot 4 inches, from the streets of Brighton MI, your two-time award-winning Regional Operations Manager, some know him as “the home boy you know boy”: Ken Whittaker! Ken joined the V-Suites team in 2013 and has a strong passion for delivering the best customer service whether it be on the clock or in the middle of the night. As an Operations Manager, Ken is constantly thinking on the run and juggling responsibilities as tasks can change rapidly in the craziness that is corporate housing. When Ken is not working, he enjoys spending time with his stunningly beautiful wife and quirky dog.

What I Bring To The Table

  • Moves furniture faster than a speeding bullet
  • Can carry a sofa with one arm
  • Bleeds V-Suites purple
  • Customer service extraordinaire
  • Possesses an intense hate for mustard
  • Just married
  • Fun-loving, adventure seeker
If you like it, then you should have put a ring on it. (Queen) Beyoncé