What to Consider for A Good Relocation Package

When your company is hiring or planning to transfer an employee, a relocation package should be available or negotiated. For many employees making this transition, there are a lot of factors to take into account. You can help smooth things over by offering a relocation package that helps to cover expenses and also provides a little moving assistance. Don’t offer a solid relocation package? Here are a couple tips that you should consider when outlining one.

1) Home-finding assistance

If your employee is moving to a new city, they are going to need help finding a place to live. Depending on how quickly the transition needs to be, a good relocation package will include assistance in finding temporary housing. Even if it’s a permanent move, sometimes it’s difficult to find ideal housing solutions immediately. Instead of going the hotel route, there are a lot of options for short-term apartment rentals in different states across the country.

Relocation packages should also help cover any expenses involved with buying or selling a home. Often times, this can include closing costs of a home and any real estate commissions.

2) Job-search help for significant other

Moving an employee to a new city is one thing, but moving the whole family is another ballgame. You don’t want an employee’s only obstacle to be their significant other. If you can offer a relocation package that helps to answer any questions and ease this transition, do so. Some packages assist the spouse or domestic partner in finding a new job. Whether that means you’re helping to review a resume or assisting in the search, this will in turn give the employee a chance to focus on their new job.

3) Help with the move

In some cases, a company will offer to hire a moving service. This can really help smooth over the relocation process for an employee. Whether it’s packing up office supplies, files or household furniture, employees can greatly benefit from movers who will transport everything to a new city. If a relocation package can assist in seeking out this service, it should also help cover the costs.

4) Cover any transportation expenses 

Some companies will reimburse travel expenses for employees, who need to take an airplane, train or vehicle to get to their new city.

It is important to note that relocation packages are often something employees will research upon learning that they will need to move for their new job. Ensure that your offer is market competitive by doing the research first and taking the above considerations into account.

If you need an easy way to provide employees with temporary housing, consider looking into V-Suites short-term apartment rentals. We offer both furnished and unfurnished apartments so that corporate relocation can be stress-free and fun!


There’s a reason that hotels feel temporary and that “housing” has the word ‘house’ embedded in the actual word itself. Too many times, companies are not aware of the ease and availability of quality furnished apartment options. However, more and more there are options for quality short-term stays, both corporate and personal, that prioritize comfort and convenience. The following is a list of 5 reasons to choose furnished apartments over your local hotel. In no particular order — here they are:

1) The kitchen

Grocery shopping for your favorite items and being able to have a functioning kitchen is not only a money saver but it is a creature comfort. In temporary housing you will be less likely to order room service and you won’t have to tire of the hotel’s breakfast, crowd, and rubbery bagels.

A full kitchen or kitchenette will also provide you with healthy options that are more tailored to your preferences. Don’t go overboard at the grocery store. Stock your kitchen appropriately if you are traveling solo and you are sure to not only eat better but to save money.

2) Space for guests

Too often, in a hotel you are at the mercy of others to host a cocktail hour or dinner. Co-workers and friends know that you are at a hotel and sitting on the edge of your hotel bed balancing a Pinot is not the ideal hosting scene. Besides, you’ve memorized every bar and restaurant menu around your hotel, so that doesn’t sound exciting either. Everybody in corporate knows the drill so you get invited to people’s homes or their suburb towns because you need a break from your 200 square foot hotel room.

In temporary housing with furnishings, you can avoid the aforementioned scenes week after week. You’ll be able to invite others to come see you and stay in the comfort of your own surroundings.

Most importantly, you will feel comfortable inviting family to come see you. This means that you can host a holiday and skip a weekend traveling home. Your loved ones will love a tour of a city that you’re able to navigate and host in and you’ll get to turn a seemingly tough situation into a positive one. You’ll also likely have space in your furnished apartment to have guests spend the night too.

3) Staff that can provide

Hotels are a revolving door of families, concert-goers, travelers, conference attendees and more. While the hotel is equip to handle their questions, oftentimes they are only able to provide “surface knowledge” of your city at the concierge.

With temporary housing solutions, they are able to provide you with higher touchpoint services and knowledge to meet the needs of an extended stay. Furthermore, you will be able to develop relationships with the property staff as they will know your story. Instead of talking to whoever’s at the hotel lobby desk during a particular shift, you will be provided a point person that will help you at all times and know your situation.

4) Security and privacy

Too many exposés on unchanged hotel sheets and missing laptops? With temporary housing, you don’t have to be embarrassed that you ate in your bed and clothes are strewn all over your bathroom floor. Strangers will not be perusing your personal belongings every day and you won’t be locking things in a safe.

With temporary housing, you will get to set your privacy and housekeeping comfort level. Once a week might be just enough that you feel tidy and clean and not questioning whether you left the “do not disturb” sign out or not while you’re in your 10am meeting.

5) Laundry

No more plastic bags and drop-off pick up calls. You can workout and throw a load in. Sometimes the little things are the big things.

Convinced? I hope so. Push your admin or your business to look into furnished apartments over a hotel. Don’t settle and think “It’s just 4 months, I’ll make due” because spending a little time on the front end to find something special means that those 4 months will be time well spent and true focus on work.

For all your temporary housing needs, contact V-Suites in over 35 states nationwide. They are known for their personal touch, great locations, and luxurious furnishings. 

How to Prepare for your Corporate Relocation

It’s official. There’s a date on the calendar, and you’ll be moving to a new city very soon. Now that you’ve had a chance to process the logistics of this big transition, it’s time to take action — but taking action doesn’t have to be stressful. Consider these few tips to successfully prepare for your corporate relocation.

Research your new city

Planning the move to your new home is a very exciting experience, but there are a lot of different factors to consider. If you are able to take some time to research the area, this will give you a little piece of mind. Ask yourself questions such as:

  • What will the weather be like? What do you need to bring?
  • Is there a place you can get involved to expand your social network? Can you volunteer with a nonprofit? Are there any sports or recreational activities you can sign up for?
  • If you’re bringing your kids, what are the schools like?
  • Where are the best places to eat or go for a run? Are there nearby restaurants or parks?
  • Are there places of town you don’t want to live in? Are there any unsafe neighborhoods?

The more you can research, the better you will feel.

Find a moving company

 Before you start packing, always ask your employer if they can hire a moving service or provide any additional assistance for your relocation. If they don’t help you find a company, they may offer to cover the expenses or reimburse you after the fact. Before confronting them about this, research the cost of truck rentals or get a quote from professional movers. This way, you will have options to present to your employer.

Cut down on any additional costs

If a moving company isn’t in the cards, you might have the opportunity to seek reimbursement come tax season. According to the IRS Tax Topic 455, your move has to be at least 50 miles from your old home and job. You must also have worked full time for at least 39 weeks in the last year.

Pack efficiently

 While some companies may provide moving assistance and financial assistance, others may not. Even if they do, you could probably use a few tips on how to best pack your belongings. Packing for your corporate relocation can be either a small endeavor or a big one. Whether you’re moving into a furnished apartment and only bringing the essentials or boxing it all up for an unfurnished apartment, knowing how to pack efficiently is key to any stress-free move.

For starters, you’ll want to choose the right packing materials. Here’s a small list of what you should grab from your local grocery store, post office or home improvement company:

  • Cardboard or plastic boxes
  • Packaging tape
  • Bubble wrap, foam sheets, packing paper or newspaper
  • Permanent markers, stickers or labels so you know the contents of each box

Once you have the supplies, it’s time to start packing. Begin by wadding up newspaper (or any padding you bought) and placing that on the bottom of the box. Next, add any large, heavy items. All fragile or lightweight items can go on top. Be sure to wrap any fragile items such as dishes or electronics with some type of padding in order to protect it from breaking.

Still on the housing hunt for your corporate relocation? We offer both furnished apartments and unfurnished apartments for your short-term rental needs. Find your new space at one of our property locations across the nation.

How to make corporate relocation easier on your employees

Your company has just experienced a shift that will now require some employees to relocate to a new city. Moving is already a huge adjustment, but having to relocate unexpectedly or temporarily can be both daunting and exciting. If you’re in charge of making corporate relocation easier on your employees, set them up for success by ensuring they have all the tools they need to get settled and return to work as soon as possible.

Below are a few tips on how you can ensure an employee’s happiness is top priority during such a transitional period.

1) Help employees prepare for the new city

Be sensitive to the fact that your employee is having to drop everything and start over. One of the biggest parts of moving is having to decide what part of town is going to be the best fit for someone’s lifestyle and needs. Does your employee have a family or are they a single, young professional? If they have a family, take the time to research some great neighborhoods and schools in the area. Are they looking for something more upbeat? Research some of the city’s top restaurant and parks. Your employee will appreciate you playing tour guide by providing any additional and relevant information you can find on their new location.

2) Research options for temporary housing

When considering some of the better areas of town, it’s also important to identify where your employee will live. Whether it’s a part of your relocation package or not, it’s essential that a company at least provide its employees with assistance in arranging a new place to live — even if that just means providing a list of possible housing options based on their needs. Will this be a quick transition? Look into temporary housing options that offer fully-furnished apartments. While hotels and AirBnbs seem to be the go-to options for some, there are actually temporary housing options that provide business professionals with opportunity to feel right at home in no time.

3) Offer to help take care of the essentials

At V-Suites, we like to say it’s as simple as showing up with just your toothbrush and a change of clothes — and while that’s certainly the case for anyone moving into temporary housing, we realize moving goes beyond the actual move. You can’t just show up in a new city and expect everything to carry on as normal. In order to make corporate relocation easier, there are a lot of other things that need to be covered beyond housing arrangements from bank accounts to health insurance. Talk to your employees about their current bank situations. Will they need to transfer bank accounts? What about health insurance? If you can, provide them with options or assistance. If the kids need to find a new school, see if there’s a way you can assist in getting them registered. What will be the new mode of transportation? If they’re going to keep the car, help by gathering information for car registrations and drivers license changes. If there is public transportation available, look into available passes for trains or buses.

Even if this is just a temporary situation and the employee doesn’t plan to move everything from their current home, it’s also a big possibility they will still need help with the physical part of the move. Even if they just need assistance with moving personal belongings, work-related files and books, it might be wise to consider hiring a moving company who can help efficiently speed things along. 

4) Communicate what the relocation package holds

Before you get heads deep into everything, be sure your employee understands everything that is included in this relocation package. While we always encourage you to go above and beyond in making your employee happy and comfortable, we also understand there is so much a company can offer during a time like this. Be sure to establish what the corporation’s expectations are and what the process will be like. During such a big transition, you want to build a sense of trust with the employee by being clear from the beginning and remaining available to any questions they might have along the way.

Could temporary housing make everything a little bit easier? We’d like to think so. Start by connecting with us online. Then, choose your home, sign the lease and MOVE IN! It really is that simple. We hope to see you soon.

V-Suites Receives Award for Outstanding Company Culture

Following a successful company re-brand and website launch, national corporate housing provider V-Suites, has once again been recognized as one of Metropolitan Detroit’s 101 Best & Brightest Companies to Work For.  Accepting this award for the third consecutive year, V-Suites prides itself on a company culture rich in passion, synergy, enthusiasm, and of course, some well-deserved fun.  Additionally, for the second year, V-Suites has also topped the list of Crain’s Cool Places to Work in Michigan.  Crain’s cites V-Suites’ pet-friendly environment, random plank breaks, and free employee stays as just a few of the reasons why the company has earned the number one spot on this year’s list.

“Coming from the hotel industry, I was amazed at how different the atmosphere and “team” structure was,” said V-Suites’ Director of Sales and Marketing, Sydney Nicholson.  “At V-Suites, we aren’t a team because we work together. We are a team because we respect each other and have a common goal of exceeding the expectations of our clients.”

Along with a unique office culture, V-Suites relies heavily on its team dynamic to achieve heightened client satisfaction on a large-volume scale. Differing from most corporate housing providers, V-Suites is able to accommodate large group projects, thanks to a team dedicated solely to group moves. From personal getaways to corporate accommodations for 50 or more, V-Suites caters to a range of industries nationwide and offers customized guest reservations through a seamless, streamlined process and 24-hour customer service.

In its most recent effort to improve upon guest experience, V-Suites has introduced welcome amenity boxes, given at the time of move-in and personalized to cater to each guest’s authentic interests.  As a tool to strengthen client relationships and encourage residents to feel at home, the team enjoys getting to know each guest and filling each welcome box with familiar items.  As a result, the company has already received tremendous feedback.

“V-Suites strives to service our employees and customers in every way imaginable,” said Derek Redman, Senior Director of V-Suites.  “Every experience is unique and special, and we take that very seriously. Our obsession with the experience, for both the employee and the customer, is what truly makes us the best.”